Titel: Evaluating mHealth for Community Health Workers in South Africa

Invited Speaker: Margaret Ramukumba, PhD, University of South Africa, Pretoria 

Host: Maria Hägglund

Language: English 

Time: April 29, 12.00-13.00 

Dr Ramukumba from the University of South Africa will present her research on mHealth for Community Health Workers in rural areas of South Africa. The research is performed in the collaborative research project MobEVAL which is jointly funded by FORTE and SAMRC (South African Medical Research Council). Maria Hägglund is the Swedish representative in the project. In this seminar we will get to know a context that is very different from the Swedish healthcare system, yet shares many similarities in the challenges of implementing complex socio-technical systems. We will discuss what we can learn from each other and how we can improve design and implementation of mHealth in homecare in both Sweden and South Africa. 

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